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The CSW Endowment Fund

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An endowment fund is a donor restricted gift that is not spent immediately but invested in a diversified investment portfolio. It is similar to an IRA; its purpose is to provide income. Contributions to an endowment are placed in a variety of investments where the principal remains intact and only the interest is used to support an institution.

Your gift to The Charter School of Wilmington’s Endowment Fund will be used to permanently support high quality STEM Education for generations of teens.

Honor a friend, a teacher, parents or other family members with a gift to the Endowment in their name. You may also make a donation in your own name, or in memory of a special loved one. A card will be sent acknowledging your gift to the person or family member you have named. The amount of the gift will be held in confidence. All contributions are tax deductible.

Annual distributions from The Charter School of Wilmington’s Endowment Fund will be used to provide a source of ongoing financial support for the school. The CSW Endowment Fund is managed by The Delaware Community Foundation (DCF)​; they manage the fund assets, oversee the fund’s investment and issue quarterly financial reports on the status of the fund. You can review DCF’s Terms and Conditions here.

Read a timeless article by Fred Sears, the former President and CEO of the Delaware Community Foundation, explaining the benefits of giving to and creating endowment funds.

Each year, Charter’s Board of Directors reviews the amount of income that was earned from the investments and then designates the annual contribution for the school. Looking ahead, the CSW Endowment will be a source of permanent, reliable funding for Charter.

Make a donation to our future by downloading a donor card and designating your funds to the CSW Endowment Fund.

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