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Middle States Accreditation

On April 21, 2011, The Charter School of Wilmington proudly announced that the school has received a recommendation of “full re-accreditation without stipulations” from the Middle States Association (MSA) visiting committee, which evaluated CSW during an April 2011 visit.

The faculty and staff are preparing for CSW’s recertification during the 2017-2018 school year by conducting a self-study during the 2016-2017 school year.

The Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools reviews schools for recertification every five years. The Middle States Accreditation for Growth (AFG) protocol requires that schools “meet all the Association’s standards, be committed to and have a viable plan in place for improving student performance, and be committed to increasing the school’s capacity to effect growth in student performance.”

Objectives from 2011 MSA

Objectives from 2018 MSA

Profile of Graduates

The 12 MSA standards on which CSW was evaluated:

Standard 1 – Philosophy and Mission
CSW’s faculty and staff are reviewing our mission and philosophies and making sure that our students and their families understand and support this mission. We will be checking to see that the mission is consistent with ethical norms and demonstrates respect for persons of all races, creeds, and cultures. Click here to review CSW’s mission.

Standard 2 – Governance and Leadership
CSW’s administration (leadership) and Board of Directors (governance) ensure the integrity, effectiveness, and reputation of our school through established policies, resources, and a top-quality educational curriculum. Administration ensures that the faculty stays well-informed about educational developments and that long-range and strategic planning is defined in order to accomplish the school’s mission and goals.

Standard 3 – School Improvement Planning
CSW’s administration and faculty have developed and implemented a long-range strategic plan to improve its educational program. The plan is directly linked to our school’s mission and operational plans and focuses on the continuous improvement of student performance and professional and organizational growth.

Standard 4 – Finances
CSW’s financial resources are sufficient to provide the educational opportunities defined in our mission. The business practices are ethical and promote confidence in the administration’s and faculty’s ability to manage fiscal and material resources. Our Chief Financial Officer follows standardized accounting principles.

Standard 5 – Facilities 
School facilities are safe, clean, and well-maintained. The physical environment supports CSW’s curriculum and optimal student development and achievement. The facilities are appropriate and adequate to implement the mission of the school.

Standard 6 – School Climate and Organization 
CSW’s organizational structure and climate (culture, atmosphere, standards), support our curriculum. The roles, responsibilities, and expectation of the administration and faculty are clearly defined. Administration, faculty, and support staff are qualified to provide a top quality educational experience.

Standard 7 – Health and Safety
A safe and healthy environment for teaching and learning is provided. CSW adheres to local, state, and federal government health and safety requirements. Health, safety, emergency, and crisis management policies are clearly written, implemented, and updated regularly.

Standard 8 – Educational Program
CSW has a planned and well-executed curriculum that includes appropriate academic standards and assessment, based on research and best practices. Our educational program parallels our mission and is approved by the Board of Directors, sufficiently financed, and periodically reviewed by stakeholders. The curriculum addresses the needs of all students and challenges them at every level.

Standard 9 – Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning 
Throughout the year, CSW collects and analyzes quantifiable and observable evidence of individual learning and growth from many resources. Evidence of student learning is used to evaluate and improve curriculum effectiveness and professional development.

Standard 10 – Student Services
CSW’s guidance department and administration, in partnership with our families and the community, has written policies that provide all students with services to help optimize opportunities for life-long success. They include freshmen orientation, career planning, and personalized counseling.

Standard 11 – Student Life and Student Activities
CSW offers a balance of academic, social, and extracurricular activities to its students. These activities foster intellectual, cultural, and social growth along with physical health and wellness. The activities are adequately financed, managed by CSW’s administration and Board of Directors, and are tied into CSW’s mission.

Standard 12 – Information Resources and Technology
CSW’s information resources (library) and technology are easily accessible and provide quality service to our staff and students. CSW’s computer and technology needs are appropriately maintained and receive annual funding from the school’s budget.

If you have any questions about the process, you can email our Middle State coordinator, Patrick Liberato at

Dr. Reginald Johnson
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