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Philosophy of Sport and Sportsmanship

Charter Board of Directors Sportsmanship Policy

The Charter School of Wilmington Board of Directors recognizes Interscholastic and Extracurricular Athletics as an integral part of the overall educational program. As a result of participation in athletics, students develop essential values to help guide them beyond the field of play. In perception and practice, sportsmanship is characterized by generosity and genuine respect for others. Charter believes sportsmanship is an important outcome of education; and therefore, procedures shall be developed to ensure that sportsmanship, ethical behavior, and integrity are included in practice sessions and athletic competitions. The athletic programs at The Charter School of Wilmington shall be operated in a manner that encourages students to participate, treats students with respect, and provides all team participants with a fair opportunity to compete.

Philosophy of Sport

The athletic program is an extension of our school. Its purpose is to teach and reinforce values and principles of our school’s philosophy. We expect respect, honesty, punctuality, self-discipline, hard work, positive effort and an attitude marked for success.  Coaches are the active proponents of our philosophy – teachers of their sport and role-models for our students/athletes. Parents are supportive members of the framework of our athletic program – teachers of positive lessons and active helpers in all areas of the program. Student-athletes are the reason for our program’s existence. We are in this business for the student as an athlete – so that life lessons can be learned, memories can be made and success can be measured in more than just victories.

Good Sportsmanship is of upmost importance to The Charter School of Wilmington. Our expectation is that our coaches, players, students, staff, parents and families will represent Charter in a manner that is respectful of others on and off the playing field.  While we encourage our parents, families and friends to be enthusiastic supporters of our sportsmanship ideals, we expect adults to uphold the same high standards that we ask of our students.  Opposing team players, fans, and officials will be treated with respect during home or away games.

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